Gingerbread Library

December 2017

Gingerbread Architecture Contest at the Philadelphia Center for Architecture and Design
Jake Welde and Izzy Korostoff

For the second annual Gingerbread Architecture Contest at the Center for Architecture and Design, we built a gingerbread model of the Fisher Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania, designed by Frank Furness. The pieces were laser cut from a CAD model we created by tracing scans of the original elevation drawings from the university archives. All elements of the model, including internal structural components, are completely edible and vegan, with the exception of the lights, base, and some adhesives used inside the structure, but kept out of sight according to the contest rules.


Our entry won first place!


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Tastiest model award goes to these #gingerbread creations by Izzy Korostoff and Jake Welde, Philadelphia Emerging Architects

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